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Event Coordination

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Linens & Lighting

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Decor Items

Event Coordination

We have one chance to make sure your day  go as perfect as possible.  How does that happen?

Pre-Event:  Once booked you start working with our in office event coordinators.   We have now completed over 700 weddings so we have the knowledge to help you all along the way.  Once you have a game plan you will come and sit down with them and go over your entire event.  At this meeting we will create your day of time line, design your floor plan, choose your linens and wall light colors, layout your décor ideas and make sure you have every little detail worked out.

Rehearsal:  We provide you with a 1 hour rehearsal guided by one of our professional wedding coordinators.  There are a lot of moving parts so we want to make sure everyone knows where and how to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Day of Event:  Now it's time to implement the plan!  All those days/nights/weeks/months of planning you've spent putting every detail together is about to happen.  First you'll have an onsite Event Coordinator.  This is a REAL Event Coordinator that is experienced in Event Management.  She will make sure all your hard work happens as planned.  Next you have an Event Staff person that will make sure everything looks clean for your guests and your photos! He even takes care of all the end of night clean up.

A lot of couples don't understand that someone needs to be in charge.  You don't want that to be your mother, a bridesmaid or a family member.  They are there to celebrate with you not work your event! 

Linens & Lighting

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life!

Now lets make it look as special as it is.

Linens:  Picture your guests coming into a room that is full of beauty.  No matter your colors, your theme, your design - your tables will look spectacular.   You won't have to worry about yet another expense or another vendor to have to coordinate with.  We provide and take care of all your table linens at no additional charge.  We have over 40 different colors to choose from so you can set the foundation for your dream.

Special Indoor Lighting:  Yes - we have several beautiful ceiling chandeliers but we also have colored up lights that line our reception hall walls.  Now you can take that amazing room to another level!  Match your linens or bring in an accent color.  These lights will fill the room with color and a special affect that your guest will be so impressed by.  Don't want a lot of color?  That's ok to.  Set them to white or a pale blush to add that softness through out the room. 

Special Outdoor lighting:  What's more romantic than a bridge over a creek lined with carriage lights?  Or the Vintage Camper (Bar Betty) and party deck with lots of over head string lights?  Most of your event will be happening after dark.  You want to make sure your guests have options to get outside for a break or drink and everything feels as special as it did inside.  You also now have a whole new set of options for some amazing, romantic wedding photos.


You want everything to look pretty!  This is where the budget can take a big hit.

You have anywhere from 10 to 30+ tables you need to decorate.  If it's a simple design or an over the top show stopper it can add up.  We provide you with LOTS of glass vases that you can use for flowers, candles, etc.   Use several vases together or mix our vases along with your votive candles, pictures, greenery, etc.

Now you need a place to display that amazing bridal portrait.  Or maybe you want to put signs around the grounds or buildings such as the popular "choose a seat not a side" sign.  We will provide you with multiple large easels in both white and brown colors to match your other décor.  

Finally you want a little something extra outside.  We have several extra large black iron Sheppard Hooks that can be placed along your ceremony walk way or guest sidewalks.  We even have the hanging glass lanterns included with them in you want.

The more you get from us the better!  Obviously it saves you lots of money but that's also less items you have to pack up and bring in AND even more important it's less that your end of the night crew (usually your parents) have to pack up and take home.

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