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11 Things NOT To Do After Your Engagement

Congratulations — you’re getting married! Being newly engaged is an exciting time, but many couples admit to getting a little ahead of themselves during that initial stage of planning. Here are eleven common mistakes to avoid as you begin this amazing new chapter.

Don’t...Rush It. Enjoy your first couple weeks as a newly engaged couple! By all means, start planning, but ease into it. After you share your #justsaidyes moment with us, relax and focus on celebrating — you deserve it.

Don’t...Start Small. This might seem counter intuitive, but when it comes to wedding planning, it’s best to start BIG and go from there. While it can be tempting to dream about cake flavors or what you want your place cards to look like, tackle the big-picture tasks — booking the venue, hiring your vendors, and hammering out your guest list — before moving onto the smaller stuff. On that note...

Don’t...Go Dress Shopping Immediately. This is a tough one, we know! But we suggest waiting until you’ve chosen your venue before you hit the bridal shops, as the setting will set the tone for your wedding and help inform your bridal style.

Don’t...Be Too Rigid. Be flexible and keep an open mind. Compromises are inevitable, and there might be some details that are just plain out of your control. It’s OK! The more you can go with the flow, the happier you will be.

Don’t...Succumb to Pressure. With that said, embracing flexibility does not mean you have to be a pushover. Trust us — everyone will have an opinion on how your big day should play out. It’s important for you and your fiance to establish what elements are really important to you and voice that early on.

Don’t...Discuss Details That Haven’t Been Finalized. While it can be tempting to blab about ideas you’re tossing around (“guess what venue we might book!”), spreading the word prematurely can backfire. For now, keep any unknowns close to your chest. Plans change! Which brings us to...

Don’t...Make Promises. Telling your cousin she can bring her new boyfriend as a plus-one before you’ve even taken a stab at the guest list, or mentioning a ceremony reading to a friend before you’ve even thought about the program? Bad idea.

Don’t...Make Solo Decisions. There are lots of choices to make and you just want to cross some items off of that massive checklist — we get it. But don’t order that stationery, sign that contract, or make any other irreversible moves without running it by at least one other person (preferably your fiance, ahem).

Don’t...Overshare. Leave a little mystery for the big day! We advise holding back on these seven details in particular.

Don’t...Avoid Talking About Your Budget. There’s a tendency to put this off at first since it can be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s really important!

Don’t...Go Into Immediate Zilla Mode. There will be plenty of time for this later. Just kidding. Take a deep breath and keep everything in perspective.

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