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How to Get Through the Last Month of Wedding Planning

No matter how long you've spent planning your big day, the last month of wedding planning is undoubtedly the toughest. For starters, it seems like guests and vendors have a million questions. Plus, all your final deposits are due. And then there's the dreaded final dress fitting. There's so much going on in that last month that you may be getting to the point where you just want the party to be over. Relax and don't fret. You got this!

Do as much as you can before the wedding week.

Up to this point, you've made heaps of decisions and gotten a good idea of what the wedding day will be like. The week of the wedding should be relaxing and full of time spent with friends and family, but the only way to achieve that is to have most of the tough stuff out of the way before then. If you can handle taking the couple of weekends beforehand to stuff those welcome bags, finish the seating chart, and finalize your vows, you'll thank yourself later.

Prioritize your response time.

In that last month of planning, you're likely to get bombarded with phone calls and emails from all corners—vendors, the venue, guests, etc. Do yourself a favor and respond as quickly as possible so this doesn't start to pile up. Same goes for sending final payments out—make sure you're on top of those due dates. Setting calendar alerts is a really helpful way to track those final payments.

Obsessively organize.

Being organized really helps in those final weeks leading up to your wedding. If you find it's helpful to keep lists going on your phone, stick with that plan. Otherwise, go ahead and start jotting out lists in a notebook. Be sure you have a list for everything you need to pack for getting ready (gifts for bridesmaids, overnight bag, all attire and accessories, etc.), a list for all the things you're dropping off at the venue (paper materials, guest book, cake knife, etc.), and a list for all of your final payments to dole out on the wedding day.

Know when to ask for help.

Yes, you're totally independent and capable of doing it all yourself. But guess what? Your friends and family want to help! Let them. Whether it's asking for help addressing thank-you note labels, arranging and delivering welcome bags, or picking up booze for the wedding day, odds are that you need extra hands. Call on your army of friends; they're patiently awaiting your requests for help. Try to divvy it up if you can—one task per person is plenty!

Eliminate stressful projects.

If there are any DIY elements that you just don't have time to finish or have stopped really caring about, kick them to the curb. No one will notice but you. Your giant installation of paper flowers probably was an awesome idea, but it may not be worth the stress it's causing you. If you can call in help to get it done in time, go for it. Otherwise, eliminate the stressors. Remember, this is a time to celebrate! If you get too caught up in all the little details of a "perfect" wedding day, you may forget what this is all about. Enjoy it! You've earned it!

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