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March 16, 2017

10 Things Every Couple Forgets To Factor Into Their Wedding Day Timeline




What are some practical things every couple forgets to factor into their wedding timeline? Find out what seven event planners advise you to do the day of: 


Eat a big breakfast and light lunch 

“First off, lunch for the groom and groomsmen. We all know how guys get when they are hungry. Add in possible day drinking, and this could be a recipe for disaster! And don't forget to plan lunch for the bride and bridesmaids. The bride may be nervous and not feel like eating, but she is in for a long day and night, and a little protein will steady her and provide stamina. Order in, designate a family member, or have the guys go out for burgers before they get dressed; just don’t forget to feed the key players for your big day.” - Amanda Beazley of A Perfect Day in Paso Robles, California


“Food/drinks for the bridal party in the morning. Hair and makeup typically begins early, especially if everyone is being styled by the same company. It is important you feed them!” - Lindsay Longacre of LVL Weddings & Events in Orange County, California 


“It sounds simple, but often times guys and gals will be running late or worried about fitting into clothing and don’t have time/choose to eat. Or even worse, time for a pre-wedding dinner snack was not budgeted into your event timeline. We always suggest the groomsmen meet for a meal before getting dressed, and the ladies have lunch or refreshments during hair and makeup. Plan a cooler and/or snack basket for your limo, trolley, or party bus after the ceremony with water and snacks if you plan on taking photos/may miss your cocktail hour. That way your bridal party doesn't show up starving.” - Raquel Shutt of Wedding Savvy, Inc. in Edgewater, Maryland

"Also, don't forget to feed them breakfast and lunch; not just one, both!" - Ashley Amtmann of Lemon & Lime Event Design in Baltimore, Maryland 


De-wrinkle bridesmaid dresses 

"They may not come perfectly steamed and you want your bridal party looking sharp." - Lindsay Longacre of LVL Weddings & Events in Orange County, California 


Give out gifts to your partner and parents   

"Don't forget to talk to your partner on if you're going to give each other gifts the day of the wedding. We hate seeing brides and grooms bummed and upset because their partner gave them an amazing watch or pair of sunglasses, and they didn't do anything in return. Just make sure you have a conversation with your partner on if you're going to exchange gifts and don't automatically hope/think that your partner will for sure have a card or a gift waiting for you that day!" - Ashley Amtmann of Lemon & Lime Event Design in Baltimore, Maryland 


Pack up personal belongings 

If a bride and wedding party wanted to get ready at the reception venue, I always check in with them a few times in the morning and make sure that they pack up their personal belongings before the ceremony starts. I hate having to pull people off the dance floor towards the end of the night to pack up their personal belongings. With transportation leaving so quickly after the event, we don't want you to miss the after party!" - Ashlee Singleton of Ashlee Virginia Events in Warrenton, Virginia  

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Allow for a lot of cushion time  

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to have extra time in your day. Plan for an extra hour to an hour and a half depending on the size of your bridal party for hair and makeup completion time.” - Raquel Shutt of Wedding Savvy, Inc. in Edgewater, Maryland


“Transportation is another category where people often cut it too close. It is better to arrive 15 minutes early than be 30 minutes late! Of course, please be mindful of your restrictions at the ceremony/reception site and don't arrive obscenely early, but a little extra time to sip champagne in the limo at the church parking lot is better than sweating in your dress stressing about getting past a traffic jam” - Raquel Shutt of Wedding Savvy, Inc. in Edgewater, Maryland


"One of the biggest things I see brides and grooms forget in their timeline is to look at the hours they schedule their vendors. Too many times I meet with my brides and grooms, and they have scheduled the photographer to leave at 9 p.m., but they want to cut the cake at 9:30 p.m.! Of course, they want photography coverage during that time. I always recommend that you put together your timeline and then see where your vendors fit best to capture all the important moments. If it's not in your budget to extend vendors coverage, then tweak from there. I've had many brides do a faux departure exit because it wasn't in their budget to extend coverage, but wanted that signature sparkler exit photo!" - Ashlee Singleton of Ashlee Virginia Events in Warrenton, Virginia 


Make your marriage official   

"Bring your marriage license and don't forget to sign it! It is one of the most important parts of making your day official, and sometimes is the easiest detail to forget." - Whitney Perry of Whitney Werts Events in West Linn, Oregon

Cue sound check sooner


If you plan on having a band,

remember to make sure they are unloaded and have sound checked before your guests enter the event space. Too many times I have brides and grooms forget to schedule them to arrive earlier. You don't want to kill the ambiance of your wedding ceremony by having an electric guitar rocking out during your walk down the aisle! Usually a band requires two to three hours of set up, so be sure to plan accordingly." - Ashlee Singleton of Ashlee Virginia Events in Warrenton, Virginia 


Reveal the reception venue 

“Something I do with all my clients is bring them in to the empty ballroom, tent, etc. before any guests enter. I have the music playing, all candles lit, everything perfected so they can see how it looks empty of any people. Showing this to the couple, no matter how simple or over-the top decor is, for the first time rather than hearing me explain or seeing sketches of it is a powerful thing for them and myself. A photo on the dance floor in their empty room is even better!” - Elle Ellinghaus of Elle Ellinghaus Designs in Baltimore, Maryland


Opt for a sunset photo session  

“The sunset make for some of the best photos, but if not scheduled well, can affect the flow of the evening.” - Whitney Perry of Whitney Werts Events in West Linn, Oregon


Soak up everything with your spouse 

“The day goes by so quickly, and just having a couple minutes on your own really helps to soak everything in!” - Whitney Perry of Whitney Werts Events in West Linn, Oregon


“Plan in a little walk about with your new hubby! You have put a lot of time and effort into all these little details. Take your husband by the hand and go check out that travel table you wanted set up with all your mementos or visit the photo booth. Take some fun pictures! Play corn-hole! You've created a great party. Appreciate it and most of all, enjoy a little moment with each other!” - Amanda Beazley of A Perfect Day in


Robles, California



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